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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

-James 1:27

Mosquito Control

West Nile Disease and Zika Virus  are increasing in our area.  You must protect yourself and take precautions to not get stung.

I am all for the airplanes spraying to help save lives.  The city trucks on the street fogging really do not do much to protect your back yard.   However, we can Power Mist your yard and flower beds with a residual to help reduce the mosquitos before your pets and humans get stung. .  CALL TODAY  Learn more →


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Pest Control Wild Life

Urban Wild Life


Urban wildlife  move into your yard and house for water, food and comfort.   I don’t pretend to be an expert on all of the varmints out there.   However, I have gotten pretty good at controlling Squirrels, armadillos, raccoons and opossums .  We however catch the occasional skunk in the process of trapping for the other critters.
We live trap all the urban wild life and attempt to relocate them to greenbelts to continue their life in peace. 


Squirrels by far do the most damage to homes, outdoor kitchens and attics.  They can chew through a 2x4 in record time.  Trapping in the attic is ineffective as a squirrel will not do well in a dark place.  They cannot see the trap and will not risk going in one if they can’t see it.  The goal is to find the way in and attach a one way door to the structure in addition to placing live traps on the roof, gutters and yard.  Once the problem is resolved we then use metal flashing to prevent re-entry.  Now there are some roofs even I will not attempt to repair and we may have to get a roofing company out to do it.


Opossums can be trapped both inside an attic and outside.  A larger trap is used both inside and outside the house.  We will also attempt to use a one way door again on the access hole.


Armadillos do more damage to a yard and flower beds than a structure as they look for protein meals.  Trapping is done outside and a funnel is made with long boards to corral the creature into a large live trap.  No bait is necessary as they are almost blind and just following barriers of the boards.

If you hear a noise in your attic during the day, or early evening right around sun down then most likely it is a squirrel.  If you hear more noise after dark then it is probably a rat or opossum or raccoon.  Whatever it is, we will inspect and offer you a program to rid you house of these unwanted friends.

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