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Mosquito Control

West Nile Disease and Zika Virus  are increasing in our area.  You must protect yourself and take precautions to not get stung.

I am all for the airplanes spraying to help save lives.  The city trucks on the street fogging really do not do much to protect your back yard.   However, we can Power Mist your yard and flower beds with a residual to help reduce the mosquitos before your pets and humans get stung. .  CALL TODAY  Learn more →


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Pest ControlQuarterly Treatment Program

This  is our most popular service.  Our goal is to provide a pest-free environment while minimizing the risk to  your family and pets.  The first treatment is designed to eliminate the pests that are currently living inside and around the home. We complete an interior and exterior inspection and provide for a pest control treatment in all the critical areas.

Once the pests are gone, we then return quarterly (about every 3 months) and provide a full exterior service.  If at any time, you see pest inside, or wish to have the interior serviced, please let us know and we will be happy to check those areas at no extra cost to you. Unless you are having a spider issue, in most cases, an interior treatment is not needed.  90% of pests come from the yard.

Each season, we target specific pests that we know to be around during that time.  Thus, keeping your home pest free. Since over 90% of all pests come from outdoors, this service is extremely effective.  We keep the pest away while limiting the amount of pesticides used in your home. Here are some of the things we will do each quarter:

  • Inspection of the exterior of the house, perimeter and yard.Flea Service
  • Apply a residual to the exterior of the house, and yard to prevent future pests.
  • Inspection of the interior of the house, and attics if requested
  • Treat the garage each quarter
  • If necessary we apply odorless residuals to the interior of the house as needed to prevent future pests.
  • Place rodent monitoring devices in attic and inspect regularly.

Integrity Pest Control's  goal is complete customer satisfaction. Our business is built on your referrals, so please call us if you are not completely satisfied with our service.