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-James 1:27

Mosquito Control

West Nile Disease and Zika Virus  are increasing in our area.  You must protect yourself and take precautions to not get stung.

I am all for the airplanes spraying to help save lives.  The city trucks on the street fogging really do not do much to protect your back yard.   However, we can Power Mist your yard and flower beds with a residual to help reduce the mosquitos before your pets and humans get stung. .  CALL TODAY  Learn more →


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One time treatments

We at Integrity Pest Control, believe that you do not have to sign long termite contracts to have a pest free environment. We provide you with a 90 day warranty, however in many cases it will last much longer than that.  In fact, we have had customer call and say, "It's time for another service" and when we pull up their service record we realize it has been 4 years.   Now we can commit to you being pest free that long, but we do provide great results. 

We will inspect your attics, inspect and treat the living areas and garages of your home.   We Pest Birdswill inspect the perimeter of the house and yard and treat with a long term residual.   Integrity Pest Control, will provide you with a report detailing what we did, what we found, and any conducive or structural conditions that need to change to keep you pest free.

You don't need to sign a contract to get great results!



Here are a list of one time residential services we offer     

  • Cockroach and Ant Services
  • Flea Services Interior and Exterior
  • Carpenter Ant Services
  • Bee and Wasp Removal
  • Bird and Bird nest Removal
  • Moles and Gophers
  • Spider treatments and web removal 

Contact us today and we'll let you know if a one time treatment is right for you.