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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

-James 1:27

Mosquito Control

West Nile Disease and Zika Virus  are increasing in our area.  You must protect yourself and take precautions to not get stung.

I am all for the airplanes spraying to help save lives.  The city trucks on the street fogging really do not do much to protect your back yard.   However, we can Power Mist your yard and flower beds with a residual to help reduce the mosquitos before your pets and humans get stung. .  CALL TODAY  Learn more →


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Carpenter Ants

I Hate Carpenter Ants, and I sure so do you.  If you see piles of frass and insulation on your window sills, on the floor, or around your foundation, you probably have them.  Unlike termites they live and travel on the surfaces and in the voids of your home.  They can have multiple colonies in your house and will travel up to 200 feet to connect with another colony.  They will travel on fences, trees, power lines, garden hoses, grass or a combination of routes to get into your house.    They mostly travel at night after the sun has gone down and go back into hiding shortly after the sun comes up.  There generally is no one solution that fixes a carpenter ant problem.    The key is to identify their trails and prevent primary colonies from connecting to Satellite colonies.  If you have trees, shrubs or bushes touch your house, there is a good chance they are going into the house undetected.  It is important that you keep things trimmed away from the house.

Here is list of methods than we can use, and we will use more than one technique most of the time.

  • Carpenter Ant Granule Bait

  • Carpenter Ant Gel Baits

  • Power dusting Attic

  • Power dusting eaves and Soffits

  • Liquid Applications of Products

  • Aerosol injection of Void

  • Termidor Foaming of wall Voids

In most cases we will be doing a combination of the above treatment techniques to rid your problem.  Integrity Pest Control will give a one year warranty from the time of treatment.