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Mosquito Control

West Nile Disease and Zika Virus  are increasing in our area.  You must protect yourself and take precautions to not get stung.

I am all for the airplanes spraying to help save lives.  The city trucks on the street fogging really do not do much to protect your back yard.   However, we can Power Mist your yard and flower beds with a residual to help reduce the mosquitos before your pets and humans get stung. .  CALL TODAY  Learn more →


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Mole trappingMoles have two types of tunnels, the surface tunnels that you see, which are used for feeding and deeper tunnels used for living and moving around from area to area. The burrows are caused by the deep tunnels. The Ridges in the yard are from the surface feeding tunnels.

Mole tunnels generally follow driveways, sideward, garden edging ect.  On large properties mole activity may move from one part of the lawn to another. This movement is affected by climate and ground moisture. Moles will respond to changes in food supply as different insects become available in different places and at different times throughout the year. If disturbed, moles may temporarily leave an area but will usually return when you least expect it. Even without disturbance mole activity may last only a week or two in a particular area. Here-today, gone-tomorrow behavior is probably the root of most of the misconceptions that make some home remedies and pesticides appear credible. I recommend that an annual service be provided to keep your neighbor's moles from entering your yard.

Integrity Pest Control only traps moles. We tried a number of mole traps and mole baits, and found the best success with underground trapping.   We do what is called saturation trapping where we trap as many potential sites as possible. Flags will mark the locations of my traps and tunnels; please do not remove them, advise everyone in your family and yard/landscape companies what I am doing.  I will be marking mole runs on your yards with spray paint or flags. I then will open up a hole in the run. If the holes stay open, that is a good thing, as the moles are no longer active in that area. If the hole is re-plugged, it means I still have an active mole. Do not be concerned when you see holes unless it is a new mound. Open tunnels means mole elimination in your yard.


All things considered, moles are fascinating animals ... 

  • A 5 ounce mole will consume 45-50 lbs of worms and insects each year.
  • Moles can dig surface tunnels at approximately 18 feet/hour.
  • Moles travel through existing tunnels at about 80 feet/minute.
  • Moles contain twice as much blood and twice as much hemoglobin as other mammals of similar size. This allows moles to breathe more easily in underground environments with low oxygen. 
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