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Ants are a real problem this year. The cold rainy Fall has moved many of the ants inside  of structure walls.   Carpenter ants, Acrobt ants are the wood nesting ants and will get into your house from trees, shrubs and fences.  These two ants will do damage to your house.  Look for wood shavings and insulation to show up in your window sills, or on your floors.

Odorous house ant, and Rover ants other wise called sugar ants can range in colony size from a few hundred to 30,000.  The wrong treatment will drive these ants into your house.   A combination of non repellent products and baits is this best course of action. 


Mole Pups have left the Den

Moles do not share tunnels with there young.  They kick them out, and they have to fend for themselves.  They will dig 70 feet a night looking for earthworms.  Multiple that times 4-10 moles and you have a mess in your yard. We office short term and annual programs to keep your yard looking great!  Learn More



Leading the Pest Control Community with Integrity

Servinging the DFW area and Waco, TX. 

Our management team has been involved in managing, selling and servicing accounts since 1983. We have seen all aspects of pest control services from great pest control companies to deceitful exterminating  companies.That is why we chose to open our business in 1999. We have had tremendous success with our customers by providing a very thorough service along with affordable pricing. You will always get a honest answer from us should you choose to contact us. 

Affordable doesn't always mean cheapest. It means we determine the best solution and do what it takes at a fair market price. There are many low price companies that work on up-selling you once they arrive at your property. If we quote a price over the telephone, 9 times out of 10, that is what you will be invoiced once the job is completed. If you are dissatisfied with our services, we will refund your money gladly. 

God spoke his words from James 1:27 when we opened our company. Therefore we have a place in our heart for widows and single parents. We work hard to discount our prices when necessary to take care of their pest control needs.  I do not put coupons on my site, as most companies just raise their price then give you the coupon to lower it.   We just give you our best price from the onset and then give you the best service you can get!   

We are members of Life.Church and are  involved in a number of the ministries in the area and also in Central America.

Just hit contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment. 

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